Mark K Inc. is a promotional products distributorship located in Findlay, Ohio.  For more than 50 years, Mark K Inc. has been providing image enhancements and business building promotions for corporations, businesses and organizations.  We can help you get new customers, keep current customers and recruit and retain good employees through the use of promotional products.


A prommotional product is any kind of a useful item that can be imprinted with an advertising message or slogan.  Examples include pens, calendars, drinkware and apparel.  When the company was founded in 1958 there were perhaps 1000 promotional items.  In 1998 there were approximately 300,000 products.  Today that number has exploded to more than 800,000 products that can be imprinted.


Promotional products are the most targeted advertising medium.  They are best at reaching a particular demographic category.  These items go right into the hand of your targeted audience.  Since your message is printed on a useful item, the message is noted each time the product is used.  Some say that promotional products are the medium that remains to be seen.


Providing customers with promotional products is Mark K's only business.  We are not an advertising agency.  We do not do media buys.  Public relations is not part of our resume.  We enjoy great synergistic relationships with ad agencies, pr firms and media companies who count on us to provide creative promotional product solutions that become an overall part of the media mix.


Our graphic artists can create the graphics you require at extremely low rates.  Each of your orders will be proofed to insure your satisfaction with the final product.


Mark K continues to change as business and technology evolve.  Fifty years ago it took around six weeks to fill an order.  Ten years ago the average was about three weeks.  Today most orders turn around in ten days or less.  Many are produced in three days or less if necessary.


The past ten years have seen huge changes in our business model.  Computer technology allows us to have up to date information in our customer's hands in minutes instead of days.  Internet marketing is impacting the way customers make purchasing decisions about their marketing and branding efforts.  We enjoy much greater flexibility because of computer generated graphics, production scheduling and delivery capabilities.  The technological revolution in printing technologies that began around the start of this century has continued to expand the graphic capabilities that can be reproduced on our products.


Changes in our society are reflected in our business as well.  On the environmental front, more and more promotional products are now available made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials.  Product safety is now of much greater concern than ever before.  Our major suppliers are leading the way in product testing.


Mark K Inc. has not embraced change simply for the sake of change.  We feel that change must benefit our customer's needs.  Our company began with a philosophy of "professional, personalized service" to our customers.  That will never change.  That's why Mark K's professionals try to learn all they can about our customers.  We build relationships with customers that last for years.


Long lasting relationships with our customers are the secret to our success.  Our customers include large corporations, international manufacturing concerns, universities, community and social organizations, governmental entities and main street businesses.


Mark K Inc. was founded in 1958 by the late Walter C. Mueller.  Walt originally named the business Mark K Specialties after his son, Mark K. Mueller.  Mark has served as President since 1978.  Walt's wife Jeanne served as a Vice President until her retirment in 1987.


Mark K Inc. is a charter member of the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), a trade group representing the interests of distributors and suppliers to the promotional products industry.  Over the years, Mark K has achieved recognition through PPAI's Pyramid Awards Program for successful promotions created for their customers.